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Local Guide

In the land of slippers in Liliw, Laguna, the Arabela restaurant is the foodie place to be in. The low-ceiling restaurant is cute and patronized even by foreigners.  These days, they are known for Pasta, Pizza and their Salad inspired by Italianis. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 40 mins)

Majayjay is known for its magnificent Taytay Falls or Imelda Falls. Former First lady Imelda Marcos made a huge contribution for promoting tourism in Majayjay. Majayjay is located in a remote area where lush greeneries and vegetation is abundant. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 60 mins)

In the town of Lumban in Laguna, embroidery has flourished as a major industry. The art of embroidery in the Philippines dates back since the Spanish colonial period. The Spanish nuns introduced fine embroidery who has made their way to Europe and America. By the end of the colonial period, the Spaniards made a bid to set against Philippine embroidery with French and Belgian lace. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 20 mins)

In Paete, the skill of carving artworks out of wood is passed on from generations to generations. Woodcarvers learned the craft of woodcarving from apprenticeship. Authentic Paete woodcarvings are sold in various shops located along the narrow streets of the town. The price varies depending on the size and details, the type of wood used and the artist who created the sculpture. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 20 mins)

Aling Taleng's halo halo in Pagsanjan has been passed on for 4 generations since 1933. It has 7 ingredients: Kaong, Tubo, Mongo Beans, Leche Flan, Macapuno, Ube and Kondol. This is Pagsanjan's best kept Halo Halo secret since 1933. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 20 mins)

The Ark of Noah in Lucban is just one of the many attractions of the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center. Noah's Ark is really a building with an exterior made to resemble the ancient boat where Noah's family took refuge from the Great Flood along with pairs of animals. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 40 mins)


Situated on the slopes of Mt. Banahaw, on a town of Lucban, Quezon where a church is also located. The shrine is widely known to all catholic devotees and are visited during Holy Week and during pahiyas festival. The shrine is always open all year round. (Approximate travel time from Caliraya Springs: 40 mins)

Located in the province  of Laguna , Pagsanjan  Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in the Philippines  and, undoubtedly, one of the major tourist attractions of Southern Tagalog. (Approximate travel time from Cavinti: 7 mins)